ROCORI Spartans

The ROCORI Spartans

Baseball runs deep for ROCORI residents, and nowhere is that more apparent than in their love for the Spartans. The ROCORI Spartans High School Baseball team boasts a record that stretches all the way back to the 60s. Being a Spartan comes with high expectations for players, parents, and coaches. Those who join will find a baseball team emphasizing long-term goals that help each member become a better player, better teammate, and better person. 

The tradition and philosophy of ROCORI Spartans high school baseball has undoubtedly been successful. Class, commitment, and competitive focus has led to numerous tournament appearances, all-state selections, and championships. But the Spartans share a common problem with every baseball club in our community: a lack of training facilities.

Supporting Cold Spring Highschool Baseball

It’s no secret that ROCORI residents care a lot about baseball and softball. There are few communities in the world as dedicated to America’s favorite pastime as ours. With so much baseball, and other sports, there is often a lack of facilities to accommodate individual or team practices. This can result in competition for practice time, especially as winter comes and forces practice indoors.

Luckily, The Cages at Cold Spring Baseball Park is the solution to a problem that ROCORI residents have been battling for years. The Cages will serve as an indoor practice facility not only for baseball and softball, but also for other sports as well. The facility will serve your favorite teams in the Cold Spring area, as well as the individuals and families that live within them. With a donation, we can build our facility and keep costs accessible for everyone.

Donate to the Cages and Cold Spring Teams

You can easily donate to the Cages here on our website, in any amount you can afford to give. We offer some unique incentives for our potential donors, including our Pavers and Granite Wall. Certain donations will allow you to carve your name, or the name of your business, permanently onto our building. Your name can line the walkways of our facility in the form of our Pavers; you can also donate to have a name etched into the Granite Wall lining the exterior of our building.

A donation to The Cages at Cold Spring Baseball Park is a donation to the people of Cold Spring and its surrounding communities. We can’t do this alone. With your generous contributions, we can provide more opportunities for our families, aspiring athletes, and dedicated amateurs. This facility extends to more than baseball, granting a space for ROCORI citizens to stay active and engage with the community.

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