Cold Spring Rockies

The Cold Spring Rockies

Minnesota has one of the largest amateur baseball followings in the country. Amateur baseball comes in multiple leagues, each with their own unique characteristics. Class C Amateur Baseball is no exception. In the town of Cold Spring, you’ll find an unforgettable team: the Cold Spring Rockies. This Cold Spring amateur team plays ball in the Central Valley League and offer fans unforgettable games.

With so many teams in Central Minnesota, there is often need for practice facilities. This need only worsens during the winter months when the fields are snowed over, and the temperature is too cold. Without more facilities, your favorite players are often unable to practice, and can go long periods without stepping behind the plate.

Backing the Cages for Cold Spring’s Amateur Team

Fans of the Central Valley League and the Rockies have a unique opportunity. The Cold Spring Cages will give more opportunities for your favorite athletes to hone their skills and develop their game. The Cages will be a dedicated sports facility serving baseball, softball, and others.

Backing the Cages provides more opportunities for residents of Cold Spring and its surrounding communities. The facility will be open to all. Whether you’re a family looking for a fun weekend, or an aspiring athlete looking to improve at the game, the Cages gives you room for it all. But the Cages won’t be built without your support.

How to Support the Central Valley League Rockies

The Cold Spring Cages will rely on donations from the public and organizations to fund the building costs. After this threshold is met, further funds will be used to keep the facility’s operating costs low and accessible to everyone. Additionally, there are some donation incentives in the form of our Granite Wall and Pavers. Those who donate in qualifying amounts can etch their name, or the name of their business, permanently onto the exterior of the facility.

Donations can be made here on our website in any amount. Your donation won’t only support the Cages, but will also support the hundreds of families, student athletes, and amateur players that will inevitably use it. If you wish to donate, and support the development of your Cold Spring Rockies, you can easily donate here.

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