Legion Baseball Team & VFW Baseball

The Legion Baseball Team & Cold Spring VFW Baseball

American Legion Baseball allows more than 55,000 young people to play ball across the United States and Canada. Each year, more than 3,400 teams participate–adding to a deep tradition that stretches all the way back to 1925. Fans of American Legion Baseball in Cold Spring don’t have to go far to find their favorite team, thanks to Post #455.

American Legion Post #455 and Cold Spring VFW Baseball offer opportunities for young athletes to develop their skills, forge connections with their peers., and participate in the game they love. These athletes go on to compete in amateur leagues, the minors, the majors, and some have even gone on to become Hall of Fame inductees. With a deep commitment to baseball, however, comes the need for a dedicated practice facility.

Sponsoring the Cages at Cold Spring

Donating to The Cages at Cold Spring Baseball Park will provide a dedicated facility for American Legion athletes to practice critical baseball skills. With so many amateur and youth leagues in Cold Spring and the surrounding area, there is a strain on many practice facilities. This problem only worsens during the cold months of winter. As the temperature drops, teams from multiple sports must hold practice indoors. With limited availability of indoor spaces, it’s common for practices to be rescheduled or canceled altogether.

With your donation, Cold Spring Baseball Park will provide an indoor practice facility for baseball, softball, and even other sports. Fans of Cold Spring’s team can help support their team with a donation to this project, and provide more opportunities for these young, talented athletes to practice. Moreover, donors can even enjoy the facility themselves–with multiple spaces available for families, business outings, and die-hard baseball fans.

How to Donate

The Cold Spring Cages provides some unique donation incentives for donors in the form of the Pavers and Granite Wall. With a qualifying donation, people can show their support for their favorite teams and their commitment to our community. After making your contribution, you can etch your name or the name of your business permanently on the exterior of our facility.

Your donation will not only support your favorite team, but also our baseball-loving community. This facility will provide recreation for families, opportunity for aspiring athletes, and alleviate stress on current local facilities. The Cold Spring Cages relies on your support. With your generous contribution, we’ll build this facility and keep operating costs low and accessible for all. Donating is easy and can be done right here on our website. Those interested in donating can do so in any amount. Simply fill out your information and schedule payment. If you sponsor a Paver or the Granite Wall, you may also fill out the necessary information that will appear on our facility.

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