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Recognizing Our Sponsors

We believe that everyone who donates to bring The Cages at Cold Spring Baseball Park deserves to be recognized for their contribution. Cold Spring Baseball Park thanks all our contributors equally in their effort to bring this facility to life. With your contribution to The Cages at Cold Spring Baseball Park, you are giving your community members more opportunity than ever before.

For those that donate, we would like to thank every one of you. With a donation to our facility, you can know that your donation has helped support Cold Spring’s love for baseball and contributed to its century-long legacy. This facility will continue bringing opportunity to families and athletes in town for as long as a Minnesota’s love for the game continues.

Invest In Your Community

Those who donate in the form of our Granite Pavers or Granite Wall are recognized here for their contributions. If you wish to make a similar contribution, and be recognized for it as well, you can easily donate to The Cages at Cold Spring Baseball Park project. Your donation will support our community by building the facility and keeping operating costs low. 

The donation you make to the Cages keeps costs low for everyone. With ample donations to our facility, we hope that we can make our batting cages accessible to every family, school, and organization in Cold Spring and surrounding communities with a love for baseball and softball.

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