Sponsor a Paver at Cold Spring Baseball Park

What is a paver? It’s a way to make your mark. When you make a qualifying donation to The Cages at Cold Spring Baseball Park, you can write your name on history. These pavers line the walkways outside our facility, displaying the names and generosity of our donors. These pavers can be purchased by anyone, from individuals to small business owners. After donating to the Cages project, we’ll inscribe your name on the pavers so you can leave a legacy that lasts long after you’re gone.

Why Sponsor the Batting Cages?

Sponsoring this facility is an excellent way to give back to our community. Cold Spring, and the ROCORI area, have a rich baseball and softball history. With such a deeply rooted love for the game, many individuals and team must compete for facilities–especially during the cold winter months. Donating to The Cages at Cold Spring Baseball Park gives hundreds of people in our community more opportunity. Funding this facility provides families more recreation, kids extra opportunities to play, student athletes added practice time, and amateur player additional time to hone their skills.

Leave Your Legacy

When you sponsor The Cages at Cold Spring Baseball Park with a Paver, you’re making a permanent impact on our community. These pavers will stand the test of time, echoing your generosity for the next century of Cold Spring Baseball. Pavers can also advertise your business, as our walk of fame serves as an attraction for visitors.

There’s something special about leaving your name on something. Now you can do it for a good cause, that supports our community and the people in it. Leave your legacy by stamping your name on something that will empower our community long after you’ve left it.

How to Donate to The Cages at Cold Spring Baseball Park

Donating to The Cages at Cold Spring Baseball Park is only a few clicks away. Simply visit our page, fill out your information, and make a payment. When the facility is built, you will be able to find your name inscribed on one of the pavers lining the walkway outside our building. Each time you visit the park, you can see the product of your generosity.


Qualifying donations for Pavers can be made in the following amounts:

Single: $250

Double: $500

Triple: $1000

Home Run: $2500

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Available Paver Sizes and Engraving Specifications

6″ x 6″

12″ x 6″

18″ x 12″

18″ x 12″ Logo

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