Granite Wall

What is the Granite Wall?

The Granite Wall at The Cages at Cold Spring Baseball Park provides a unique sponsorship opportunity for investors, organizations, and businesses. With a qualifying donation, we’ll carve the name of your organization into the granite walls of our facility. A donation to the Granite Wall is the perfect way to advertise your organization, while also donating to a good cause. By supporting the Granite Wall, you’ll broadcast your generosity to hundreds of citizens in Cold Spring and its surrounding communities.

A Unique Business Sponsor Opportunity

As we stated before, a donation to the Granite Wall is the perfect, unique advertising opportunity for anyone. Most advertisements come and go but etching the name of your company into our wall is permanent. In addition, this facility will serve hundreds of people each week and keep your brand at the top of mind. With an increase in brand awareness, you can expect those who use this facility to consider you first when they need your service.

But the appeal of the Granite Wall doesn’t stop at staying at the top of mind. Customers value a company more when they can see it being active in the community. What better way to broadcast your community involvement than by permanently placing your name on a community project?

Make a Difference for Cold Spring

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, you can also rest easy knowing that your contribution will support our baseball community. There are hundreds of active families, children, students, and athletes that can use this facility. With your donation, you’ll be supporting each one of these groups, and providing more opportunities for those in need.

How to Donate

It’s easy to donate, and you can do so online. You can donate in any amount by visiting our page, filling out the necessary information, and scheduling a payment. After our facility is built, your name will be etched into the Granite Wall surrounding our facility.


Qualifying donations for the Granite Wall can be made in the following amounts:

Single – $10,000

Double – $25,000

Triple – $50,000

Home Run -$100,000

Grand Slam – $250,000

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