How Your Donations Support Cold Spring Baseball

For those hoping to donate to Cold Spring community projects, there’s no better choice than the Cages at Cold Spring Baseball Park. Your donation to the Cages provides Central Minnesotans more opportunities to stay active and cultivate critical skills for baseball. 

The need is critical especially during the winter months, when indoor practice is necessary for every sport and indoor facilities are strained. This facility is not limited to baseball and will also assist other sports like soccer. A donation to our batting cage project doesn’t just support local baseball organizations. Your contribution also supports schools, local facilities, and the youth within our community.

Be Recognized with Our Pavers

Granite Pavers allow you to leave a legacy at our facility. These pavers line the walkway leading up to our facility and will forever recognize donors for their contributions.

For those interested in donating with our pavers, and supporting our mission, you can donate at four levels.

  • Single – $250
  • Double – $500
  • Triple – $1,000
  • Home Run -$2,500
  • Grand Slam – $5,000

After you make your donation, we will thank you by inscribing your name on one of our pavers—to recognize your support for the Cold Spring community and its baseball tradition. Upon completion of our project, you can find your paver lining the sidewalk of our facility, displaying your contribution for the next century of Cold Spring baseball.

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Write Your Name on the Granite Wall

Our Granite Wall provides organizations with a unique, permanent opportunity to advertise their business and give back to the communities that support them. We offer companies, organizations, and private investors the chance to donate at four levels to be inscribed on the Granite Wall.

  • Single – $10,000
  • Double – $25,000
  • Triple – $50,000
  • Home Run -$100,000
  • Grand Slam – $250,000

When you donate at one of these levels, we will chisel your name or the name of your organization into the Granite Wall forever. With this donation, you can leave a legacy and have a permanent recognition of your organization’s generosity. The Granite Wall is a unique advertising opportunity that hundreds of people using our facility will encounter every day and be continually exposed to your brand.

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How to Donate to Our Batting Cage Project

It’s easy to donate to our Cold Spring community batting cage project. Donations can be made online. You can fill out your information and donate any amount during the donation process. Donations of any size are welcome, and we appreciate your commitment to our community. These donations will help us build the facility and keep the cost of operation to a minimum. By funding the facility in full and providing low prices, we can ensure that the Cages at Cold Spring Baseball Park will be accessible to everyone.

3D Rendering of the Cages at Cold Spring Baseball Park

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