The History of Cold Spring

Since 1856, Cold Spring has provided a home for thousands of people. Plenty of people have called the land home, including many indigenous people, migrating German Catholics, and the diverse group of people that live there today. It can be difficult to find a common tie for such a diverse group. But Cold Spring, and its surrounding communities, share a love for baseball and softball.

 Cold Spring’s Baseball History

Almost every single citizen of Cold Spring can tell you about the deep love that its citizens share for the game. But this love doesn’t just affect the town of Cold Spring, it also affects the surrounding communities included in the ROCORI district like Rockville and Richmond.

These communities have produced several baseball teams like the Cold Spring Springers, Rockies, Legion Baseball Team, Cold Spring VFW Baseball, and the ROCORI Spartans. Each of these teams has their own rich history, but all of them bond over their shared passion for baseball and softball. Without a doubt Cold Spring, and its surrounding district, may be one of the only communities in the nation with such a deep baseball culture.

Supporting a Baseball Town

With so much love for baseball and softball, our town experiences some unique challenges. Many local facilities feel the strain during baseball season and feel it even more so when winter arrives. Without an indoor practice facility many individuals, families, little leagues, school teams, and amateur teams must compete for the ability to practice.

Anyone who plays the game, or supports someone who does, knows the struggle that Cold Spring residents face. The problem only worsens, when you consider the fact that this baseball culture extends to the surrounding community as well. Rockville, Richmond, and Cold Spring require facilities for athletes to train.

Even though we’ve known about this problem for a long time, there have only been a few efforts to fix them. The Cold Spring Cages is the best solution, combining ten years of discussion, planning, and financing. But we can’t do it without support from these communities.

Doing Your Part for Cold Spring Baseball

The Cold Spring Cages will function as a dedicated indoor facility for baseball, softball, and other sports, but it needs your help. With your donations to our project, we can build this facility for ROCORI residents. Your donation won’t just help us during the building process, it will also work to keep operation costs low.

Donors don’t just get to see the facility they’ve built. They also get to leave their legacy by inscribing their name on our Granite Wall or our Pavers. With a qualifying amount, you can add your name or business permanently as a fixture of our facility.

Supporting the Cages is about more than baseball, it’s about giving the people in our community opportunity. With more opportunities for people of all ages to stay active and engage with their community, you can be proud of your donation. It’s easy to donate, and you can do so in any amount. Simply visit our donation page and contribute now.

Cold Spring Baseball Park Drone Fly-over

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