About Cold Spring Baseball Park

Cold Spring Baseball is rooted in a 100-year tradition of love for the game that unites multiple communities in Central Minnesota. Cold Spring Baseball Park serves multiple organizations of all kinds like the Cold Spring Rockies, Cold Spring Springers, Legion Baseball Team, and the Rocori Spartans. Every year, our park hosts hundreds of games for baseball and softball lovers of all ages.

With so much love for baseball in Cold Spring and the surrounding area, there is a need for more facilities so athletes of all ages can practice crucial baseball skills. An indoor facility for baseball allows for families, young athletes, and enthusiasts to foster their love for the game while remaining active and engaging with Cold Spring’s baseball community. Our facilities offer space for:

    • Baseball
    • Softball
    • Soccer
    • Lacrosse
    • Football
    • Dance
    • Track and Feild
    • Cross Country

3D Rendering of the Cages at Cold Spring Baseball Park

About the Cages at Cold Spring

Cold Spring has several baseball and softball teams, but so do its surrounding communities. With so many teams vying for the field, other facilities like gymnasiums and practice facilities have become strained for other sports. The strain on other facilities is constant, but it worsens still in the winter months here in Minnesota.

Minnesota winters often render fields unusable for the season. Where many teams could practice outdoors, now they are forced to move indoors. The strain that was originally put on practice facilities worsens in winter, forcing teams in multiple sports to have less practice time. Luckily, The Cages at Cold Spring Baseball Park can alleviate some of the problem for baseball and softball teams in Central Minnesota.

Cold Spring Baseball Park Drone Fly-over

Supporting Our Baseball Town

The Cold Spring Baseball Park Cages represent an idea almost ten years in the making. Talk of a facility like this has circulated amongst the teams for nearly a decade, but now the pieces are in motion to build a facility with multiple batting cages and a practice area for the teams participating in America’s favorite game. Even though the Cages have already gathered support from many in our community, we still need the support of individuals, families, and organizations to provide this facility for our town.

The Cold Spring Cages will rely on donations to build the facility and ensure low operating costs after opening. Your donations won’t just help us construct our facility and keep it running; instead, they’ll also make our batting cages more accessible to families in Central Minnesota and support other facilities where hundreds of athletes hone their skills. With this new facility, and your donations, you can provide a place for athletes of all ages to stay active, engage with their community, and engage in personal development.

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