The Cages at Cold Spring Baseball Park

The Cages at Cold Spring Baseball Park provides more opportunities for players to get behind the plate. Our facility offers families, little leagues, high school teams, amateur teams, and individuals four lanes to work on hitting and other skills. The Cold Spring Cages also offer a conference room for meetings, birthday parties, and family gatherings, along with dedicated locker rooms.

Our batting cages serve Cold Spring, and its surrounding communities, with a simple mission statement: to provide more opportunity for players and families to stay active and hone their skills across multiple sports. With this facility, we hope to support Cold Spring’s deep love for baseball and our surrounding districts in Central Minnesota, especially during the winter months.

This facility isn’t possible without support from our community. These batting cages rely on donations from businesses, organizations, and community members for construction. With donations, we can provide communities in Central Minnesota with more opportunity than ever before.

Donate to The Cages at Cold Spring Baseball Park

Our facility relies on your donations for construction. With a donation to The Cages at Cold Spring Baseball Park, you can provide more opportunities for families and young athletes to be active, engage with the community, and work on critical skills for baseball and other sports. In addition to supporting our community, you can also leave a legacy in the form of our Granite Pavers and Granite Wall.

With a sufficient donation to our facility, your name or the name of your organization will be placed on our building. Donors can have their name set in the granite pavers that line the walkways of our building at the single, double, triple, and homerun levels.

For larger donations, we will inscribe your name on our Granite Wall, which lines the stadium and interior of this new facility. With a donation to the Cages at Cold Spring Baseball Park, you can support the rich culture of baseball in Central Minnesota and leave proof of your impact long after you are gone.

3D Rendering of the Cages at Cold Spring Baseball Park

The History of the Cages at Cold Spring

Cold Spring Baseball has a century-long tradition and love for America’s favorite pastime. But this tradition isn’t limited to Cold Spring, as many Central Minnesotans know. Multiple communities in the surrounding area also have their own unique love for the game and often work with each other to provide room for indoor practices, training opportunities, and more.

We believe the Cages here in Cold Spring answer one of Central Minnesota’s needs. Our batting cages will provide our communities with a place to continue practicing their skills in the harsh winter months without disrupting other facilities and teams that equally need the space; however, we can’t accomplish our mission without your donations and support.

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